Sunday, September 14, 2014

The foreboding sense of impending happiness...

I believe that each one of has had the chance to get drown in happiness even for no reason once in a lifetime! Is that kind of feeling you get when you truly believe that everything is going just fine. You stop thinking about bad stuff or sad stories and start accepting your life the way it comes because there's always a reason why things happen the way they happen or why you meet people everyday! Let the spring blow inside your heart no matter what season it really is...I was having exactly this kind of sensation.So I woke up, tried to find the most colorful clothes I had taken for vacations and also chose the most colorful corner of the town because I got that "foreboding sense of impending happiness"...

 It's time for some happy details: 

                                                  *United colors of Benetton dress
                               *Lovely badges I put optionally...(still collecting them)
* "The Rolling Stones" earings
*Pylones bague (ring)

                            * Favorite shape of glasses lately (adore them)
                                  *Nails in dark cherry color (favorite color for nails)
* "HIM" bracelete (Heartagram obsessed)
*Silver ring
Don't forget to love your planet...Earth is our home! Be grateful to everything it offers, enjoy each of it's beauties and become one with mother Nature! 

"By your heartstrings I am hanging from a dream, gently swinging in the warm autumn breeze..."

Photos taken in : Pogradec, Albania 

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