Thursday, December 29, 2016

The bridge between me and everything...

Hello guys! I decided to write one next page from my traveling diary. This time I was visiting another city called Kehl in Germany. Kehl is in southern Germany located on the river Rhine opposite the city of Strasbourg, France. It is only one bridge away from one country to one another. Isn't it great? Things that make me think stuff like : Is that all there is? This simple?

Inspired by such places, the difference of weather and the envirement around had also made go deeply in my thoughts. Life is all about this huge bridges after all...You just have to be sure which one you choose to be happy. But first you need to pick some of them just by chance so you can try how it works and taste the feeling you get. By letting it flow naturally, you will finally know what it is hidden there, no matter what you have heard before. Go for it! Travel in time and space and explore. Grow differently everytime you have the chance. Find another perspective and walk through that damn bridge between you and everything. It is healthy for your mind!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Escaping for Christmas...

Hello everyone! I'm writing from frome the other side! At least you could see that I'm trying to tell you I'm not sorry for leaving Tirana! lol
Yeah, I'm staying at my lifetime friend who lives in Strasbourg, France. Guess what? Strasbourg is not just a random city here but is known also as the Capital of Christmas in France! You know how much I adore this time...Here are some random pictures from my first day here and it was awesome. I have always adored the cities of west Europe from the architecture style, it's weather, lifestyle
 and everything. I would love to move here now that I'm thinking but let's not talk about it...
A little escaping from time to time is always a good idea especially when you choose a happy places at the right time! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Days before you came...

Days before the cold came, leaves were still falling down from the trees and the sun was shining in pink. And that was quite nice. Days before you came the sun was shining every day but it wasn't warm enough. Days before you came the skies were just always. No other colors, no other clouds, not even rainbows. I mean, how can you stand the same blue sky everyday. Nothing different to see up there where looking for an answer or just wondering about something, somewhere, somehow. Days before you came wasn't this cold but it felt colder.
 Then the Autumn left by giving me the best gift it could give. It gave me the best thing who would help me be more peaceful, more patient and less stubborn. Like I could finally stop for a second, thinking everything is going under the plan. It's all in my had. Yeah, I'm happy, I'm full, I'm free and I'm more myself that I could ever be. Thank you Autumn for coming so fast and leaving so peacefully. Now I know how to deal with these sweet cold December days. I mean...Days before you came were much more colder...

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Venus tales...

Patience is the answer to your brightest side. Be patient even when you're in pain because it will bring you to a place of understanding. That's exactly what happened to me. I found my place of understanding and I would like to describe it as a "Venus" . You relationship with the Universe and everything superstitious has grown way too serious. I can almost feel the energy of every star or zodiac constellations moving around and making big things happen while I do my best to let it be the way it is. Me as a sign ruled by the planet of beauty, love and sensuality, have just found the best half ruled by the same planet and it feels like nothing but home. I'm living a life which most of the time feels like the movies of a young artist living nowadays. Fast, colorful, bright, loud, wild and restless. The unification of two halves of a whole has just happened and is karmically linked by sharing a love of art, poetry, music and culture. What do you get when two signs ruled by Venus fall in love? 

Friday, December 2, 2016


These pictures were taken during our brainstorming weekend with my colleagues at a touristic village near my hometown. My dear camera couldn't be missed even there. The best part about our team is the spirit of feeling "home" . This is why we chose a place where we would be comfortable enough and get to know better each-other and our ideas. It's almost Christmas time and we've had so much work to do but I'm enjoying it a lot as long as it contains this sparkling spirit about giving without a thought of getting. So we stayed one night in this relaxing place, bonding and wondering about the near future projects. At night we watched movies that would get us more in the Christmas mood. We kept notes, talked a lot, took pictures and in the end we also played some games! It was the best relaxing-working-weekend I've ever had.