Friday, April 17, 2015

Dark chest of wonders

Finally dyed my dreads! Yeah, it is red...I was confused in choosing between red and green but to be honest, I've always dreamed of having natural red hair. Not more than my prom night ago I was still thinking of dying my hair red but I knew it would never look like natural and it's color would change it's tonalities day by day which is so stressing. I don't know...maybe one day I'll dye it. Until then, I can do whatever I want with my baby dreadlocks. It was fun cause this time I dyed them myself! It is very easy to do it...You only have to take the color and squeeze it to the dreads until you make sure the color is fully steepen inside the dread. 

I was very excited to know the color was so very perfect after washing them so I couldn't wait to take some pictures! I decided to wear something red to combine it with the dreads of course so enjoy my outfit! 

* H&M striped shirt
* Zara leather skirt
* Red tights 
* Maison chic long sweater 
* Bata leather boots 

Remember Dreizi? (My guitar)


* Bershka rings 

" Once I knew all the tales. It’s time to turn back time, follow the pale moonlight. Once I wished for this night , faith brought me here…It’s time to cut the rope and fly.

Fly to a dream, far across the sea. All the burdens gone, open the chest once more! Dark chest of wonders , seen through the eyes of the one with pure heart …once, so long ago! "

- Nightwish

Hoping you enjoyed the post and wishing you a relaxing weekend! :) 


  1. Wow! I love you!

  2. Hi there,

    Great photos but the model is another story sweetest face ever!!
    My opinion: you should play a little with the ISO and Macro for close ups and try to find better backgrounds. Some lens filters would do a big difference.
    Keep up the great work, wish you the best :)

    1. Thank you very much for the compliments! :) As for the opinion, it doesn't need to play with ISO as long as there are some photography rules you should follow for better pictures. Anyway..I don't usually work with professional photographers so...:) As for the backgrounds, as long as I live in Tirana, there are not many interesting places to find. Not mentioning the fact that most of the time I take pictures without planning...most of them are spontaneous. Anyway, thank you a lot for the good words! I love reading the comments! :D