Monday, July 27, 2015

Summertime madness...

Dear "Diary" ,

I know I have left you alone for a little while. Truth is, many things have changed in my life forever. Summer is about spending time with your besties and go to the beach and have fun and get drunk and everything. But as I mentioned above, all my plans suddenly changed this summer. I just found myself alone in one of my favorite - relaxing places in Albania. Thanks to my parents, I own a holiday house in Pogradec where the weather is cool, the air is fresh and the view from my balcony makes me wonder and meditate. So, as long as I was alone, I have found myself thinking so much. Well, okay, I have been overthinking almost all the time! I was worried about myself, about my present and future, my feelings, my career, my life. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what I want. But as the Desigual adverts say "La vida es Chula!" and I guess, when it comes to life obligations, the only way to make it through is choosing. I still don't know what is going to happen with me but after these vacations, I guess my mind is clear even though I lost my muse. That's why I've been "offline" all the time. It's been a hard time of loneliness, no inspiration, no motivation. Do they call this madness? But hey, at least I've been reading some good books of the authors I love the most such as : Erih Maria Remarque, Edgar Allan Poe and OSHO (who taught me to love "me" more) and I sort of found myself refreshed and decided to take some pictures with my mum. We both enjoyed it at had some fun while posing. I really wish your is summer was less disturbing than mine but if so, don't forget that time is the only cure. You just need to appreciate more your time and the wounds will be healed day by day. That's what is still keeping me strong. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Illustration of Edgar Allan Poe's : Annabel Lee poem

I had this graphic illustration final project for my drawing classes. Each of us was free to choose what was going to illustrate. I chose one of my favorite poems of the extraordinary poet, Edgar Allan Poe. It was such a hard work when creating your own characters , imagining all the scenes according to Poe's words and putting myself into that tragic story.  I have used different techniques by experimenting day by day. Anyway, this is my first graphic illustration and I know there will be more others soon because I by this project I have realized I adore so much this design genre. 
Enjoy the story!