Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Photography is not just a hobby...

Just found myself wondering how many times I have mentioned myself being very busy on working on my photography projects so, why haven't I published some of my work yet? Sure they're not perfect...I mean, I am NOT a photographer. I'm just a design student photographing what I am told to and what I want to. I usually photograph stuff which are meaningful to me and have a sense of attraction. Sometimes, the most horrible thing can be part of a beautiful and interesting picture. It depends on your way of thinking and knowledge of course. Photography is Art. Art is a feeling. But anyway, I'm not just going to continue writing stuff like this cause I'm never going to finish haha. The pictures can say a lot. Here it is all my work for the Photography subject until now. Enjoy! 

The very first project was about photographing textures. Any kind of texture. It is not difficult though. All you need to do is catching the right angle. It mus be flat and clear. You shouldn't use the flash when photographing so keep notes to take pictures on bright days only. Here are some of my other favorite ones:  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Love Terrorist

Busy days come and go so very fast. Sometimes I just cannot believe is already Friday! I should feel excited about that though. You know what excites me the most? When busy days allow me to enjoy myself or also have some fun while working on something. Most of my days are dedicated to my photography classes which contains many home/class work. As you can tell, I have to photograph two, three or four times a week to have some really good pictures. When I achieve my "photo goals", I enjoy the rest of the time taking pictures of myself and friends. I mean...why not? If not now, when? haha. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The view from the afternoon

Do you guys feel the same when you're done with the school and the afternoon is all yours? I just looooveee it. Is one of the best love affairs I'm given after hard working days and nights. I usually hang out to take some pictures or just have a coffee with some wonderful minds. I find myself walking a lot in different places but at the end of the day my feet hurt so bad but I sincerely feel so satisfied of all the things I've been going through without any regret. And I was just having on of those relaxing afternoons after school on a comfortable outfit I'd like to show you. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Dark chest of wonders

Finally dyed my dreads! Yeah, it is red...I was confused in choosing between red and green but to be honest, I've always dreamed of having natural red hair. Not more than my prom night ago I was still thinking of dying my hair red but I knew it would never look like natural and it's color would change it's tonalities day by day which is so stressing. I don't know...maybe one day I'll dye it. Until then, I can do whatever I want with my baby dreadlocks. It was fun cause this time I dyed them myself! It is very easy to do it...You only have to take the color and squeeze it to the dreads until you make sure the color is fully steepen inside the dread. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Find Art & be part of it!

Hey, hello guys? How are you all doing? What are your week days like? I'm really sorry to mention "This photoshoot wasn't planned" but I rarely find the time to take pictures...like seriously. I'm only lucky to find myself taking pictures when photographing for my school projects. Then when I find interesting places to create a story I put myself in as part of it. Got to feel lucky when pictures are good enough for the blog! This time I chose to take some pics in different locations of Tirana and one of those I like the most is the Pyramid! You already know my relations with the image of pyramids but this one is completely different. Once used as a museum of Albania's dictator , after years used as a private place but know all you see in the walls of it is only: Graffiti! 
It's fun reading teenagers notes that have been there for ages. I also find attractive all those creepy images or initials written in many different ways. Graffiti must be known as an art, not vandalism! All the artists drawing stuff on the walls are only trying to give messages...they're not doing any crime for art's sake! 
 I have always liked the idea to know how to graffiti. I tried once to draw Heartagram, it wasn't that bad though but not cool enough! lol 

Monday, April 13, 2015


Just wondering how would I describe my life in a word...my state of mind, my daily routine, my entire soul or the way I express out my all. Bittersweet? Maybe, maybe not...why so? Why not? I mean, we're all waking up early everyday while wishing or screaming out loud if you only could sleep more! Then you go out to deal with life. You deal with a good or a bad job, good or bad people, good or bad vibes and feelings. I , myself am a little bittersweet. I crave to get what I want no matter how bad or good is it. I go follow the river of my own desires, dreams. I choose to follow my heart every day! Maybe that's the essence of it all or the meaning of the phenomenon called "Life on Earth" . We all have to express ourselves for who we really are! I may look weird, a little strange, wild or I don't know but...I always accept myself for being me and express out my inner world in all the needed manners or ways.Why to judge? What's your price when judging? I think, people don't need advice. Sometimes, all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome Easter Bunny!

It's Easter time! Such a lovely time of the year that makes me feel so happy when coloring eggs, decorating my house full of little bunnies, birds, ladybirds and candles. Easter is a very important day just to remind us , we all have a second chance just like Jesus was risen. A Christian or not, a God believer or not, it feels good to try to believe in something extraterrestrial, in something much more muchier than our human powers. It's always a good idea to pray for the people you love just to make you feel better. It does make me feel better! That's why I always get excited when these celebrating dates knock on our doors. So, this post is totally dedicated to my Easter days at my home. Hope you like this new colorful interior design! It reminds me of the kinder garden era...you know, I feel a little younger as well. lol

Friday, April 3, 2015

Trip me as I speak...

Sunny days + fresh air + good mood = Spring! Ding - Dong!!
Yup, I'm just enjoying this lovely weather almost every day! Sometimes I feel sad when spending most of the day at school while I could be somewhere else photographing over and over again until the sun would go down. My friend once noticed me, she had found the perfect place to take some pictures a little far from the center of Tirana...Guess what? For months we've been waiting for this day! We've been waiting for the weather to make it's magic and turn her black and white face into a rainbow!