Thursday, September 11, 2014

U grow me like an Evergreen

These photographs are taken last summer when I and my best friend used to wake up at 5' o clock in the morning just for photoshooting! Yeap, so damn early and all the reasons were two good ones :
 1) The early morning light is the best light to photograph and 2) The city is so calm because there's no crowd of people walking everywhere, everybody is sleeping or just a few people are going to work. So we wouldn't need to feel ashamed by posing in front of the camera. 

Anyway, that part of waking up it was a little hard for me as long as I am a sleepyhead but for Photography and Art I would sacrifice anything...even sleep!

                                   Can you see the bags under my eyes? :"D

Some details:

* Black and green striped shirt
                  * A colorful necklace made of zipper heads

After "photoshooting" I used to go home, undress, remove make up and sleep again.
                                                                                     Sweet dreams! :)

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