Friday, October 30, 2015

We're all mad here!

On Halloween's eve I always enjoy craving my pumpkin in different forms especially the faces of my favorite movie characters. I have started to do this since I was very little from the classical scary pumpkin king to Jack Skellington face last year. This year I chose another character from Tim Burton movies (of course...) and that is the Cashire Cat from the Lewis Carroll well known novel "Alice in Wonderland". This character has changed many times but my favorite design was from the movie so I did the best I could to reach that spooky look.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My morning delirium

Soft rays of sun hit my eyelids as a calling to wake up. Oh, that awakening...that hard and tiring awakening. It's a little bit cold and I can't even stand the deafening tweets of the birds outside my window calling me too. What is wrong with you guys? I am the queen of my own world, I am the owner of my own bed, I am the keeper of my own mind. So, today I choose to close my gates, my doors and my eyes to set myself free. Goodbye morning time! 
It's exactly then when all the stories in your head start coming and going very fast like they are in a race for something. That's the moment when you try to realize what really happened that long night before...Your head feels so huge and your memory looks like a grandmother who falls asleep when trying to tell a bed time story. You are weak and the blue light of that morning is all you have. Is this a dream or am I making up stories with you and me, my sweetest friend? What if I open my eyes...will you still be there...with me?