Wednesday, August 31, 2016

When in doubt, travel!

No longer then yesterday I had this other trip in another interesting place of Albania. You know how much I like to discover new places. I'm always the "take me anywhere" kind of person so I can wander and escape. This time we decided to visit the Canyons of Osumi river which is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of my country. But before arriving there, we had a long trip ahead starting with the first destination which was Berat that I have already visited but always worth it to stop for a while.

The Osumi river is in southern Albania near the town of Corovode but it also passes through the town of Berat. The gorge is 26 km long at an altitude of 450 m. They are thought to be formed 2-3 million years ago by water erosion. The legend says that many years ago the river flowed underground and the rock above the river disappeared by creating the current form of the gorge. This erosion has created a rock chain which is one of the rarest in Albania and there are also created some carved walls with small caves. There are also some named rock formations such as the Cathedral, the Eye and the Demon's door.

During the spring high water from melting snow makes it possible to explore all the canyon by the river and you can also visit many waterfalls there. It wasn't the best time to visit the canyons actually because at the end of the summer the water is lower and you can't boat the full length of the canyon but anyway there are many wonderful hikes when you can also swim in various pools and streams. 

She might seem grumpy but she is my sweetest friend. Forever.


Hope you enjoyed my little journey! Visit Canyons of Osumi river in Spring because now you know why! Find yourself in the secret gardens of Albania! :)
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  1. again gorgeous.i love the style, clothes and of course the sunglasses.tell me the brand love u

    1. Thank you very much! It's the latest design of sunglasses from Dior. :)

  2. Girl you are a one in a million kind of human. I don't get it why you keep repeating the words "escape" or "find myself". Seems like you are going through some bad times. is this the reason why you are posting so rare?? I really hope you are doing fine. please come back. we all love u

    1. Feels so good to know I have such caring followers tho! Nothing's wrong man ! Just so many vacations and stuff to do at the same time :) I'll be back soon! Killin it! lol..Thank you! <3