Friday, February 26, 2016

"Golden phase"

Are you ready to see my latest fashion design sketches? Sure, you are! This time using some super powers to bring up a new trend inspired by whatever we enjoyed ourselves the most. I didn't think it twice but immediately chose to create a collection inspired by the sparkling and heavenly paintings of the god of golden art : Gustav Klimt! He was a symbolist painter who was most influenced by Japanese art and it's method. Guess you have noticed my obsession about japan culture and also golden details and symbols so yeah, Klimt was all I could wish for. This thing up is my Mood board dominated by the portrait of Adele Bloch - Bauer. One of my favorites after "The Kiss" , "Death and Life" , "Hygeia" etc. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A misled sun

So, like every once in a while a choose to take trips and pass a relaxing weekend not very far from here, in Macedonia. I have visited many places there actually. In some cities I feel like in Albania, I mean, I know almost all the places to go, clothes where to buy, bars etc. This time I prefered the mountain. Almost every winter I go in Mavrovo during holidays , practicing my skiing skills since a little girl, but trust me, it doesn't feel the same every year...Anyway, this time I was in Bitola and got very disappointed and mad that there was no snow. Such a heartbreaking moment when climbing the mountain and hoping you'll find a little snow. Such a stupid winter this year, right? It feels like spring already and I don't think I'm enough wearing my favorite coats and boots! Nevermind the snow, I enjoyed the weekend there. I always need such breaks feels like disappearing completely from all the things waiting you behind. How I wish it was this easy to leave and forget it all. Not knowing when your mind and heart would take you. Just leave. Then come back if you miss being back again. But reality is wrong and I have to go back trying hard to make my dreams come true. Sadly, this is what life's all about.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


This other project was about turning architecture into fashion design. Each one of students had to find inspiration in some buildings especially their facade, details but without loosing the silhouette. So, yeah, basically this project was similar to the "Stained Dress" I worked on at the last workshop "Tirana Dress Me Up!" 
I have to mention that the only and main difference was the process. The process was all that really mattered in this project. You'll see!