Saturday, September 6, 2014

More psychedelic yuppie flu...


Inspired by the psychedelic culture, that day decided to show more "respect" for Summer by wearing more colors than usually.


*Trippy mushroom necklace bought in Halkidiki, Greece

*H&M pink vest                                  

* Ear piercings (lovely babies) 
* Hypnotic handmade earrings bought in Ohrid, Macedonia
* Handmade ring full of sea shells bought in a saint place called St.Naum, Ohrid.
* Convere All Star with different laces of course...

 *Desigual skirt 
*Hakuna Matata braceletes 


I'd like to greet you with this song by the lovely Janis Joplin! "Summertime child,the living's easy..." :)


  1. OMG !!! Love your styleeee and your photos !!! I'm so impress of your amazing blog !! Congrats !! I wish you more successes !! =) *_* <3

    1. You have no idea how glad I am to read your comments! :') Thank you very much for the lovely words! ^_^