Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My sweet pandemonium

I'm still enjoying the best days of my summer here in Milan. Every day I go to visit different places, take pictures, trying delicious food and go shopping. "Shopping is cheaper than psychotrist" they say and this stands the most when we talk about Milan. I finally have found myself in many grunge magazines that do not even exist in Albania. What can I say...I'm spoiling myself a lot. I don't even want to leave this place. Wish I could stay here forever! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life!

So yesterday, I had one of the most exciting days ever! I went do visit the well known EXPO 2015. I'm feeling very lucky to be here in Milan at this period of time only for this! Expo 2015 is the current universal expostition hosted in Italy. The last time Milan hosted the exposition was in 1906. It is held every 5 years in different countries. This year, the main theme was : "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life!" Every country of the world had it's own pavilion to show their food and diet and how this things relate with technolodgy, traditions, culture, creativity and art. 

Here are some fragments of my experience! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

" L'arte milanese "

The second day brought me to heaven, like literally. If you ever have the chance to visit Milan do not just visit around the famous "Piazza Duomo" and that's it. If you are also more interested of art and architecture, you should propably get inside the magnific cathedral. Speaking as a fan of gothic art, you will be just amazed of every dynamic and beautiful detail, for that I can assure you! I had to take hundredes of stairs to get up there but the view was totally worth it. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

From Milan with love...

Traveling is the best medicine to every kind of soul disease! This summer I chose Italy! Italy is the country who holds the birthplace of renaissance art and architecture. It was about time to visit and see these well known places I've heard and study so much about. We traveled by ferry and arrived in Bari which was our very first station. I have been another time in Bari so I wasn't much interested to visit places around but the view from the sea side was amazing that morning. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Forever Back to Black!

It's not just about the well known Amy Winehouse song, it's a lifestyle! No matter summer or winter, I always choose to just wear something black. Black is a state of mind. It's a happy color to me. It's a way of looking good, chick, always IN and so grunge! So, while I was on vacations I chose a day to take some pictures around the place that I was resting. I took many clothes with me (as usual) but tried to combine some black ones in different material which I guess, look good with each other. I never give up on leather made clothes no matter the weather or season. I can't even wait for autumn to wear more leather clothes and jackets but until than I can handle it with some short skirts and shoes. 
As for the diary notes : I'm having a great time! I really needed some days off with my friends. We passed some crazy days and nights in south of Albania where I knew some new people and had lots of fun. The atmosphere was just fantastic! We had our own colorful camping place along the blue sea of Drymades beach where we would spend the days and the nights were all ours in order to be dancing and partying hard at a techno music concert. This tiny little moments are what we call happiness, we just need to do lots of it everyday. I really need to escape some times and loose my mind so I can find myself again realizing who I am and what I want.