Thursday, September 4, 2014

My rocking Prom night

Prom Night: The night when every college student "fights" to look gorgeous, classy and fabulous! (Mostly girls of course...) 

Truth be told: I never was that excited about all this but my mom couldn't wait to see another version of me on high heels and everything. She helped me a lot to decide how should I look and when we talk about dressing up, I always have a blind trust on her taste. Anyway, I didn't deviate from my style and for the first time I felt so comfortable on those high heels and so "Me" !

Here are some details:

 *Cross shaped earrings
 *H&M rings
 *Mango bracelete (all in gold color)

My nails were colored just like the cover of "The dark side of the moon" album by Pink Floyd.
This was my idea since I was in the first year of High School. Never thought they'd look this perfect!

This was my prom companinon, my  male best friend, my brother, my man and the little artist who has always made me feel important for years. He's so chic! <3

I'd like to thank the Zara shoes for making me look taller! 

And a "Hell yeaaaaaaaaaahhh, we made it through High School!" kind of photo. \m/

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