Monday, September 1, 2014

Those were the reasons and that was New York...

This post is totally a product of a vintage dressing-style inspiration. Actually, I adore anything which belongs to an old period of time in the past especially the original ones which come without intrusions into. I love the way people dressed in the old and glorious years of 60s, 70s or 80s. I'm also totally in love with the old New York city and the stories which are hold in all those avenues full of lights, rock n' roll and laughter.
These pictures are taken in a random birthday party where I tried to look a little "Vintage" even though it wasn't a Retro party. Anyway, when I came home and saw the pictures the first thing that came through my mind was a lovely song of Leonard Cohen - "Chelsea Hotel" and voil√†! I just had a quick inspiring moment! I chose some nice filters for the photographs so they can also look old like they were taken with a polaroid or something! So, let's say I was pretending to give the impression of a New York baby! 

I feel honored to introduce you with the youngest girl of our family. She's called Shila and she's very spoiled. :) 

I was wearing a black short dress full of little sunflowers which looked right with a Pin-Up scarf Hairstyle.