Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Angels walking among us...

This time, I wanted to represent something "ancient" and different. I adore everything that is old, starting from the buildings to the bricks, clothes, antique items or jewelries and most of all: old pictures which are taken with traditional film cameras. So, the best place to take the photographs this time was the castle of my hometown, Elbasan. This castle is a 15th-century fortress located in the center of the city which carries many histories within. It's true that many people, especially teenagers like taking pictures inside of these walls but as I said at the beginning, my purpose was to bring something different and I really hope you will enjoy it! 

This is my gorgeous, blondie friend :

What I love most about Autumn is the fact that I can start playing with more clothes than in Summer when sometimes the clothes can be repetitive. The cool weather gave me the opportunity to make up this combination of the clothes I had in my closet.
I picked up :
 * A long warm dress which is so lovely for my taste.
* "Authentic Indigo" jeans shirt which is vintage in every meaning. It belonged to my mom when she was my age. She has always tried to save old clothes or jewelries only by the idea she had of  fashion : it comes and goes around!

* Floral "Fila" shoes 

I guess, you can tell that I'm sort of a "ring-lover" . These ones are vintage too and some of my favorites of my silver collection.

"It must have been an angel who counted out the time, yes it must have been an angel who raised a knowing smile..."

                                                                                                        Thanks a lot for visting!

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