Saturday, January 24, 2015

Emotional winter

Have you ever felt so cold you wished you could stay home for a lifetime? No alarms, no traffic jams, no storms to mess up your hair, no annoyance from the rain but just you and your bed together transformed into a good dream where the weather is so ideal you can even smell the peaceful greenness surrounding the eternal YOU. Well, I've been passing a very tiring week accompanied by an awful weather which makes me feel blue since I start the day. I really get to be addicted by the "mood" of the weather. I might get even more tired, stressed, sad and sick if the weather is in that bad mood. But I guess, sometimes it's all just something located in my mind which makes me just lazy and filled with boredom. I think I really need some happy pills sometimes. haha. Anyway, I decided to take some photographs one of these days just because when I woke up I saw the first rays of the sun and believe me, there have been days I had to wake up by the darkness of the grey clouds like the night hasn't left yet! 

Randomly I found the ideal place which described exactly the way I was feeling. It was a contrast between the green paradise of my dreams and the cold polluted place I get to live the real life. 

I was wearing: 
*New Yorker coat
*New Yorker pants (totally adore the pattern)
*Zara checkered shirt in cherry color
* Green warm sweater
*Bata green shoes 

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Best buddies for when it rains! 

"Beyond my dreams, ever with me your flash before my eyes, a final fading sigh but the sun will rise and tears will dry of all that is to come, the dream has just begun!" 

- Anathema

Hope you guys enjoyed my post!


  1. My Kuku Curisu u kind a rock it gurlll ♥

    1. Oh my dear Uxu! I'm so glad to have you! :3 Thank youu! <3