Saturday, November 21, 2015

Viola and Gold.

Sort of a gothic look in a feminine way would be my outfit for my cousin's engagement celebration today. Purple is such a deep color which I have always adored and for sure I added this gorgeous golden necklace from Versace combined with the golden ribbon of the Verde bag. I think the color of the dress also looks way too good with my hair, doesn't it? As long as it's still autumn and the weather is cool, it is necessary to wear tights but I never really accepted the nude ones so I wore some black tights which also fit with the dress and high-heeled sandals. I had a very nice hair and face treatment by a well known hair dresser of my hometown who actually gave me such good vibes. It was such a tiring but fun day! Hope you guys liked this outfit, let me know your thoughts in comments! 

* Orsay dress
* Nicky jacket
* Zara shoes
* Verde bag


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