Saturday, November 14, 2015

Land of a Hero.

Hello guys! Since my school year started I haven't had enough time to take care of my blog. Anyway, I need to take the time and thank you for all your comments to my latest posts. So, I finally took Molko (the camera) with me in a trip last weekend. I decided visiting Kruja with my mom for I have never been there before. This lovely city is the birthplace of our national hero : Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu (George Kastriot, Skanderbeg). The origin of the name "Kruja" comes from the word "Krojë" which means "Spring" in Albanian. 
It was one of those sunny days of Autumn when you can't get enough of taking pictures. 

The first station was the castle of Kruja which also stands for the center of Skanderbeg's battle against the Otoman Turks. They couldn't break the castle's small defenses and today is a center of tourism in Albania and a must to visit. 

Kruja's castle is situated at an altitude of 557m.

After taking a rest there, we visited the national Museum which is located at Skenderbeg's home based in Kruja and contains exhibits chronicling his life and military exploits with illustrations, paintings, armor etc. There's also a copy of his famous goat head-topped helmet for the original one is in Vienna. 

It wasn't allowed to take pictures but I'm such a rebel when it comes to keep little wonders forever with me. 

The national museum within the castle.

Minaret in the inside of the castle.

Here there was also the national Ethnographic museum which is located in a traditional house built in 1764. It's decoration contains frescoes from the Baroque and Islamic style. It has 15 rooms and the objects exhibited inside give a complete view of the crafts applied there, giving an image of Albanian way of living over the past 300 years. Most of the items there are original and functional considering the fact that some items are 500 years old. 

It was about time to visit the old bazaar of Kruja which has been protected since 1961 CE selling traditional stuff as well as artisans working in their studios. It plays a special special role in Albanian culture and tradition.

So this was my trip for the weekend. There's so much beauty to touch in my country. I really hope it impressed you. 

Wishing you a lovely day!

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