Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Photography is not just a hobby...

Just found myself wondering how many times I have mentioned myself being very busy on working on my photography projects so, why haven't I published some of my work yet? Sure they're not perfect...I mean, I am NOT a photographer. I'm just a design student photographing what I am told to and what I want to. I usually photograph stuff which are meaningful to me and have a sense of attraction. Sometimes, the most horrible thing can be part of a beautiful and interesting picture. It depends on your way of thinking and knowledge of course. Photography is Art. Art is a feeling. But anyway, I'm not just going to continue writing stuff like this cause I'm never going to finish haha. The pictures can say a lot. Here it is all my work for the Photography subject until now. Enjoy! 

The very first project was about photographing textures. Any kind of texture. It is not difficult though. All you need to do is catching the right angle. It mus be flat and clear. You shouldn't use the flash when photographing so keep notes to take pictures on bright days only. Here are some of my other favorite ones:  

The second project was about perspective in photography.

And a forced perspective one : 

The third was about photographing little objects to make them look a little bigger so you can learn 

how to advertise them one day: 

The other project was about taking pictures which contained some of the most important elements to compose a good photograph: 
1. The Light
3. Perspective
4. Texture
5. Forms 

The first pic of the post is one of them too. 

Then, we had to photograph only one object in different ways or angles. The point was focusing in all the steps I wrote above. 

The next project was about creating an advertising photography. One of the most exciting projects! I

chose to photograph my Golden Rose dark lipstick. Here are all the elements I chose to use :

First, we chose a room full of natural light and then we used aluminium foil to reflect the light at all the sides of the object. The tracing paper was part of the background to soften the light and you can use a black or white paper as a space where the object will stand. I chose the aluminium foil to give the idea of a mirror and reflect the image. Here's the final photo:

The other project was about photographing portraits by imitating the lights and shadows of another famous picture. We usually work in groups to help each other. Someone hold a white cardboard to reflect more light in the face of the model and another one holds a black one to fill a space with shadows. It is a little hard sometimes, especially during the hot sunny days. 

The classwork 

The Homework

Model : Nated Uxu

These are all my photographs until now. I promise I will post more pictures until the end of this school year when I'll be done with my photography classes. (unfortunately) 

Hope you guys liked my work! :) 
Stay tuned for more!

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