Saturday, April 25, 2015

Love Terrorist

Busy days come and go so very fast. Sometimes I just cannot believe is already Friday! I should feel excited about that though. You know what excites me the most? When busy days allow me to enjoy myself or also have some fun while working on something. Most of my days are dedicated to my photography classes which contains many home/class work. As you can tell, I have to photograph two, three or four times a week to have some really good pictures. When I achieve my "photo goals", I enjoy the rest of the time taking pictures of myself and friends. I mean...why not? If not now, when? haha. 

 The weather is just great in here. I adore the mix of a sunny day and a cool weather so I can wear both short and long sleeves shirts. I also like wearing my springish topcoats. No more heavy coats! 
PS: I guess you guys have already noticed my inseparable relationship with the checkered patterned stuff so...

So here's my comfy look:
* Esprit black topcoat 
* Love Terrorist tee
* Promote Blue Jeans shirt
* Tally WEiJL checkered leggings 
* VANS of the Walls 

Maybe you're wondering why "Love terrorist" is all because of that lovely black tee I'm wearing. It is a logo created by a friend of mine who gives us a clear message. 
Don't forget to give and take back some love for that's what keeps us alive. Let's terrorize people by giving only love. Let's terrorize lost minds by giving love and goodness. Let's drill beyond the dormant hearts of people by some bombs full of strong feelings and let's tear the mask of falsehood by some really seeker bullets!
 Great job huh? :D

Thank you for reading,

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