Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome Easter Bunny!

It's Easter time! Such a lovely time of the year that makes me feel so happy when coloring eggs, decorating my house full of little bunnies, birds, ladybirds and candles. Easter is a very important day just to remind us , we all have a second chance just like Jesus was risen. A Christian or not, a God believer or not, it feels good to try to believe in something extraterrestrial, in something much more muchier than our human powers. It's always a good idea to pray for the people you love just to make you feel better. It does make me feel better! That's why I always get excited when these celebrating dates knock on our doors. So, this post is totally dedicated to my Easter days at my home. Hope you like this new colorful interior design! It reminds me of the kinder garden know, I feel a little younger as well. lol


Some bunny loves you! :)

Walt Disney pictures eggs inside the tummy of my Bunny! <3

Easter bread cooked by my mom! Yummy! 

Here are the candles we're going to light tonight at the church! 

Let's take a look at the living room: 

* * * 

Here are some easy steps how to color your eggs in "Galaxy" design: 

The essentials you need.

Firstly, you cut the color from each other and put it in a glass full of hot water to melt the colors.

After making sure your colors are liquid enough, you put on your plastic gloves and spread the color all over your hands. 

Then you take the white egg and start retouching it for a little while.

Et voila! 

You do the same thing with the other colors too only after washing your gloves or changing them.

Let them dry for a few minutes.

My lovely galaxy themed babes! ^^ Cute, aren't they?

"The Ascension of Christ" 

I'd like to make this painting part of my post. Is a masterpiece of on of my favorite painters of all times called : Salvador Dali. 

Hoping you enjoyed my Easter atmoshphere and wishing your Easter is decorated with love, peace, joys of Spring and the season's blessings!

Gëzuar Pashkët!
Kristiana =) 


  1. I love it! Good job! =D Happy Easter! <3

  2. Feels so good to have you home for Easter! ^_^ Love the post! <3 :*

    1. why anonymous my dear sister? :p hahhaha.. love u!