Friday, April 3, 2015

Trip me as I speak...

Sunny days + fresh air + good mood = Spring! Ding - Dong!!
Yup, I'm just enjoying this lovely weather almost every day! Sometimes I feel sad when spending most of the day at school while I could be somewhere else photographing over and over again until the sun would go down. My friend once noticed me, she had found the perfect place to take some pictures a little far from the center of Tirana...Guess what? For months we've been waiting for this day! We've been waiting for the weather to make it's magic and turn her black and white face into a rainbow! 

Mission submitted! 
The place looked like a little city disconnected from Tirana. The first impression I got was like I had a magic mirror on the wall in front of me and suddenly it brought me there like it belonged to another world. Ta - Da! 

I was wearing a cute floral dress which a dear friend gave me as a present these days. I tried not to go in that just-wear-something-black but as you can tell it was just supposed to happen once again...well, ok, everyday! *grins* 
So I just added these black soft tights, my favorite New Yorker leather jacket and comfy leather boots. 

"Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there..."

 "Why so green and lonely? Lonely? Lonely...?"

 "Heaven sent you to me? To me? To me...?"

 "We are accidents waiting...waiting to happen!"

 Some details: 

Hoping you guys liked the post and wishing you a happy weekend ! :) 


  1. You are just so ADORABLE!

  2. The stylish girl ever!!! Enchanting :*

  3. Enchanting :* The stylish girl ever!!!

    1. Ohhh.. Thank you honey! I hope you're doing fine! :) Hugs and kisses! <3