Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summer breeze through my heart...

First of May gave all of us a day off. Unlike the other countries, we don't protest for worker's right but we just give ourselves a little holiday. So, the first of May brought me to south Albania. The weather was perfect and I hadn't seen the sea so far. Besides, I had to take some landscape pictures for my Photography homework so I guess it was the perfect place to photograph. I also had missed that kind of relaxing feeling. I love the sound and smell of the sea. I might buy a house there and stay for hours watching the sun fall and not getting tired of it. I feel so unlucky to not live in coastal towns. Anyway, I stayed there all the weekend and moved in many places around Vlora. Had my first day at the beach for this year and it was awesome except the fact that the water was a little freezing. For all you people who live abroad, if you're still wondering where to go this summer, you can visit south Albania! There are many places and things you'd enjoy, especially the beaches and night life! Pinky promise! 

As the the weather was just perfect, I decided to wear a long skirt I bought a couple of days ago which fits a lot with a brown cotton tee and my comfy black Vans. It wasn't that hot so I took my leather jacket with me and that black vintage hat which belonged to my mom when she was my age. I feel so lucky to have real vintage stuff! My mom is such a heroine! haha

Say Hi to Shila! :) 

It's Spring but it feels like Summer. I love that! 
Stay tuned for more posts including my photography projects! 
Have a nice week!

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