Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Find Art & be part of it!

Hey, hello guys? How are you all doing? What are your week days like? I'm really sorry to mention "This photoshoot wasn't planned" but I rarely find the time to take seriously. I'm only lucky to find myself taking pictures when photographing for my school projects. Then when I find interesting places to create a story I put myself in as part of it. Got to feel lucky when pictures are good enough for the blog! This time I chose to take some pics in different locations of Tirana and one of those I like the most is the Pyramid! You already know my relations with the image of pyramids but this one is completely different. Once used as a museum of Albania's dictator , after years used as a private place but know all you see in the walls of it is only: Graffiti! 
It's fun reading teenagers notes that have been there for ages. I also find attractive all those creepy images or initials written in many different ways. Graffiti must be known as an art, not vandalism! All the artists drawing stuff on the walls are only trying to give messages...they're not doing any crime for art's sake! 
 I have always liked the idea to know how to graffiti. I tried once to draw Heartagram, it wasn't that bad though but not cool enough! lol 

While taking pics anywhere possible...

Wearing a black warm coat for the windy days of Spring and DooDogs creepers. 

This is my blonde friend called KC. The owner of the photographs. Pretty, huh? 

Like they say : "ART IS NOT A CRIME!" 
Keep going guys! You Rock! 

Enjoy your time and have fun!

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