Friday, February 6, 2015

This lady of the flowers...

"It seemed to last for hours,
It seemed to last for days
This lady of the flowers..."

...and her hypnotic gaze..."

 This English winter rain seems to last for ages in here and I'm just getting irritated day by day! So, I just decided to "chill" myself a little by buying this brand new dress full of cute little flowers just to add some spring to my grey cold days. Then suddenly the rain stopped ruining my life and the forces of light won the battle. They enabled me this photoshoot across the woods. How funny sounds that? haha. 

The whole outfit:
*Koton vintage dress
*Black warm tights
* Pink Woman shoes

I guess, my photo-mate and our photo-stories won't be missed for a very long time...I can't say "forever" . I never ever liked that word. 

But I like "us" ! 

And I like our "laughing out loud" moments!

Close up details:

And that's the last picture I'd like to end my post. Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a relaxing, sunny weekend! :)