Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Celebration for a Nation!

Every 28th and 29th of November, we Albanians celebrate the independence day and the Liberation day by the Nazi Germany forces. In sum, we take 2 days off thanks to these two important dates. This year I decided to visit Kosovo for the first time in my life (I'm not even proud to say that) just to see how do they celebrate Independence day of our country. All in all we are one big nation. 
I have to say that the number of cars driving from Kosovo to Albania was huge. 

So there I was. The first station was the ancient city called Prizren . All I could feel was that "albanian" atmosphere which I have missed a lot in my country unfortunately. It was wonderful to see all those red and black flags in every corner of the city. It felt so good to hear that "Happy Independence day" as the first words by a waiter in a restaurant before he even asked for the order! 

Then, after resting a while in Prizren we took our way to Gjakova where I tried to capture this modern building which keeps the title of an obelisk. 

We arrived a little late actually and I couldn't see enough places to take pictures but anyway, the most inevitable thing was still the presence of our flag everywhere! I can swear god, there were only three or four flags of the republic of Kosovo in total. It was obvious that flag was just a symbol to define them from other countries not the real and irreplaceable one!

I could hear folk music in Albanian language in all the bars or discotheques and all the people singing out loud by wearing flags up on their shoulders.

Posters of Rita Ora couldn't be missed!

Gjakova from the top!

Late at night I had to go at a party with some friends I knew there. I also have to mention that all of them were so generous, kind and so happy to know they had a girl from Albania in front of them. I couldn't be any honored!  

What I was wearing...

Gotta love my new PinkWoman shoes! 

After a long night partying for the independence day like I had never partied before about it, we had to make the last visit to the capital city named Prishtina. 

The well known "New Born" monument which stands for the declared independence of Kosovo from Serbia in 2008. 

Look what I found! The most famous technological item since our Autochthonous flag was flying above the stadium of Belgrade. 

Couldn't leave without taking pictures of these clothes I saw in almost every shop front. Cute isn't it? 

So in three days I visited three different cities of another country where people use the same language like us, have the same flag, celebrate the same (even more) the Independence day! I guess we are all just brothers and sisters who once lived under the same roof.

Happy Albanians day! 


  1. Nice trip :D sidomos party duhet te kete qene super :P

    1. Hahah, n fakt ate nate kemi levizur n 3 lokale t ndryshme por n secilin prej tyre kishte me patjeter muzike shqiptare here pas here. Nuk besoj t kem pare ndonjehere adoleshente te moshes tone t kendonin e kercenin me aq shpirt e kenaqesi kenget tona folklorike. M beri shume pershtypje. :)

  2. Super super super,,,,you are very beautiful,,amazing,,,,<3 =D I love your blog

  3. Super!!Bravo!! Sie wunderbar!!Sie erstaunliche Fotos!!Grüße aus Deutschland,Berlin :))) <3