Monday, April 13, 2015


Just wondering how would I describe my life in a state of mind, my daily routine, my entire soul or the way I express out my all. Bittersweet? Maybe, maybe not...why so? Why not? I mean, we're all waking up early everyday while wishing or screaming out loud if you only could sleep more! Then you go out to deal with life. You deal with a good or a bad job, good or bad people, good or bad vibes and feelings. I , myself am a little bittersweet. I crave to get what I want no matter how bad or good is it. I go follow the river of my own desires, dreams. I choose to follow my heart every day! Maybe that's the essence of it all or the meaning of the phenomenon called "Life on Earth" . We all have to express ourselves for who we really are! I may look weird, a little strange, wild or I don't know but...I always accept myself for being me and express out my inner world in all the needed manners or ways.Why to judge? What's your price when judging? I think, people don't need advice. Sometimes, all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand. 

I have to say, this photoshoot wasn't planed...again. haha. We had to take some pictures for our Photography classes and after taking all the pictures we needed for the project , we took the time to have some fun by using our cameras.

Outfit of the day.

Some lovely details:

* Blue round glasses
*Authentic Indigo blue jeans shirt
* Heartagram necklace <3
* Pink dreads (yeah, they turned to pink) 
* Sugar skull patterned tee 

These are two photographs my friend used for her project. The topic was "Forced Perspective" pictures and she chose me as a model. It was way too fun! :D 

And this other one is my picture of the project: 

Hope you liked the pictures and agreed with my little text of expressing. 
Thank you very much for visiting! 
PS: Any idea which color should I choose to dye my dreads? Give examples. 
I love reading your comments! :) 

Peace & Love

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