Friday, October 7, 2016

"Feel the Spotlight"

Hello guys! This time I'm about to post something new on the blog. Well, since I have started working as a graphic designer at a marketing and communication agency called Connext Albania I have found myself through some other new experiences. Like I mentioned a little at the latest post, my this year be as strange as the last one! This time we had to promote the store of Springfield in Tirana, TEG coming with a new interior. 

"Feel the Spotlight" is a contest designed by us and Fashion Group Albania for the new Autumn collection of Springfield. Here we go!

"Feel the Spotlight" was our main idea which stands for a contest where all the people visiting the store would choose to wear an outfit suggested by two fashion bloggers including me and That Wild Flower .
Then they will take a picture ate the "Leaf" carpet we designed full of love.
The pictures are now posted at the official page of Fashion Group Albania on facebook so people can vote with a like for the best picture and outfit. Three of the winners have the chance to take it for free!

Some pictures of the new interior of the store and the fall details added by us! 

DIY candle jars :)

Also a moment of treating with finger food and deep techno music.

I was wearing this cute shirt full of motifs which fits well with these suede
 brown shorts.

I was so happy to help all the costumers wearing some cool stuff by Springfield. It was a new experience which I enjoyed a lot. I will never forget it when a girl thanked me for finding the best style for her. I guess she finally felt herself more then ever under the clothes and many more other customers . Tiring moments couldn't be missed but at the end of the day, everything was totally worth it. I need to thank everyone who participated in the contest!

Check out the video of the event on you tube :

Soon I'll be posting the two other outfits I was wearing during the whole day.
It is Fall Again! =)

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