Monday, August 10, 2015

Forever Back to Black!

It's not just about the well known Amy Winehouse song, it's a lifestyle! No matter summer or winter, I always choose to just wear something black. Black is a state of mind. It's a happy color to me. It's a way of looking good, chick, always IN and so grunge! So, while I was on vacations I chose a day to take some pictures around the place that I was resting. I took many clothes with me (as usual) but tried to combine some black ones in different material which I guess, look good with each other. I never give up on leather made clothes no matter the weather or season. I can't even wait for autumn to wear more leather clothes and jackets but until than I can handle it with some short skirts and shoes. 
As for the diary notes : I'm having a great time! I really needed some days off with my friends. We passed some crazy days and nights in south of Albania where I knew some new people and had lots of fun. The atmosphere was just fantastic! We had our own colorful camping place along the blue sea of Drymades beach where we would spend the days and the nights were all ours in order to be dancing and partying hard at a techno music concert. This tiny little moments are what we call happiness, we just need to do lots of it everyday. I really need to escape some times and loose my mind so I can find myself again realizing who I am and what I want. 

Wearing :
* A long transparent vest
* Pimkie leather skirt
* Pink Woman shoes

Some close up details: 

* Heartagram necklace
* Bershka rings
* Red dreadlocks 
* Red lips and thick eyeliner 

Lovely sunset huh? Hope you guys are enjoying summer and hope you liked my post!
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Lots of love,

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