Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cold lights

A daydreamer living in this cold reality is someone who thinks that knows what is searching for but never really sure when it comes to being happy. Are you happy? Am I happy? Am I really searching for happiness? Do I really want to know? This post is dedicated to the "Fall" as another concept seen from my last experiences in situations I've never been before with people I never thought I'd spend time. There comes a moment in your life when you choose to give up everything that doesn't count on your healthy state of mind. You choose not to worry about anything. Not caring about anyone. You awaken your hidden demons to play they role by acting like a gentlewoman. This is the process of growing cold. Yes, I think I have grown a little cold thinking I'm fine. Thinking I'm okay on my own.
This is how I live actually. I'm always trying to put myself into trouble so I will have a large knowledge about my limits as a human being. In the beginning, everything seems to be great. A whole new adventure sparkling my eyes and covering my body in indescribable emotions. Days go by and I realize I have changed ways of thinking about stuff. Also my lifestyle changes but I still let it come and go naturally. The end is near when I start feeling pain for no good reason. Am I missing something? Someone? Myself?
There comes the's a cold one so it can freeze you so much you need to go back home. To your warm, sweet home. To yourself. 

Thank you for now I know what I really need right now. How would I know myself better anyway..?
Pictures by : ©  Amela Marku


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