Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My sweet pandemonium

I'm still enjoying the best days of my summer here in Milan. Every day I go to visit different places, take pictures, trying delicious food and go shopping. "Shopping is cheaper than psychotrist" they say and this stands the most when we talk about Milan. I finally have found myself in many grunge magazines that do not even exist in Albania. What can I say...I'm spoiling myself a lot. I don't even want to leave this place. Wish I could stay here forever! 

So yesterday I visited the "Colums of San Lorenzo" which are located in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in the center of Milan. The colonnade consists 16 corinthian columns in a row. These columns are prominent roman ruins which were moved here in the 4th century after removal from the 2nd century pagan temple.

I was wearing some of the clothes I bought here :
* OVS leather vest
* HIM tee
* ZARA black pants
* Pink Woman shoes

Henna tattoo, present from Qatar at Expo 2015.

That moment when Duomo is not very crowded...

"The truth that could set souls free is burried within sweet pandemonium. Concealed by disbelief, the riddle stays veiled in sweet pandemonium..."


I'll be standing here for more days and after Milan, there is Florence waiting for me! I'm so excitided! 

Peace and love, 


  1. i just love your style and your always attract me.

  2. you are a star.your style always amaze me and your clothes are so cool.

    1. Thank you very much for the lovely words :) (even though that "star" thing is a little bit exaggerated :p but thanks for taking it into consideration! haha)