Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fixed Sign

Dear blog,
It's been a long time since I haven't shared a thing with you. Reasons? There's plenty of reasons. You know I never come up with decisions if I don't have some good reasons. I'm a fixed sign...I'm a Taurus and it's not that easy to handle that. Haven't posted a thing since January 27th and oh well, this explains a lot. But to be true to you and everyone who has followed "Circle of Kurisu" for years now, this period has been the hardest, the most tiring, the most difficult and at the same time, the most important and the best time of my life until now. It's not that I just couldn't find the time to take pictures and post here. Besides that, I have to say that I've had a lot of important stuff to do and to fix starting with my being. I've put myself in a mess of difficulties so I could prove my skills...So I could convince myself that I'm ready enough to make my dreams come true.
The best part is that I did it at some points. There was a period where I couldn't get up of my bed every damn morning. I became so depressed I have found myself crying everyday before starting my day. There was a lot of negative energy surrounding me and that all was because of the people who I had to work with or stay with...doesn't really matter. Have always kept in mind that everything happens for a reason and the reason was making me stronger...this time, as a professional one. Yes, I did it. I finished the Bachelor and made it to do a good job for my diploma project. It wasn't easy. It was very hard and I'm very sure that it became harder because of the selfish people affecting in everything without being required. I thank myself for trusting my intuition and the love in my heart for showing out the best of me, the real me.
At the last post I have mentioned that balance is the key and yeah I have practiced it a lot. So let me find the time to thank all of the people who believed and me and did their very best to calm my darkest days. Starting from my family who have always supported me...I say to you, this is only the beginning...Your daughter has way bigger plans and you know that! My friends, my biggest joy of my everyday life who always appreciated what I've done. Last but not least, got to thank my lover for wiping away my tears and pushing me to shine because he really saw my deepest wishes and darkest fears. Thank you for inspiring me!
Now I find myself at the most perfect place I could be. I appreciate everything surrounding me. I appreciate the tiring days, the lazy days, the worst nights and the worst rainy mornings. Because in the end, life is what you make it. No matter what happens, do the best you can and never give up. You will never know what happens next. There will be a lot of breakdowns everyday in your life starting from your house, to your school, the office you're working, everywhere. Friendly advice : Be positive and the most important, be yourself. Never be afraid to share your opinion, your feelings, your dreams. Think about your goal and work for it everyday. While you're doing your best, the whole universe is moving planets to make your dream come true. All you need to do is staying true to yourself and the ones you're dealing with.
Don't be a copy just because you might think it will be easier to handle life. You will never be really happy. Be you and fight all of the battles because only that will set your soul free.
In case you're asking, I'm exactly where I wanted to be. Living with the people I love, having the job I always wished for and enjoying the sunsets to take some pictures. Being a designer nowadays is not easy too as long as we're conquered by commercialism and kitsch style, kitsch people...whatever. That's another story...
Soon you will find "Circle of Kurisu" in another dimension. Everything needs it's right time. Until then, enjoy the pictures. Thank you for your time! 

From Durres, Albania
with love,

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