Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rooms full of Art.

One of the days of my sweet escape in France was dedicated to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Strasbourg. This museum was founded in 1973 and opened in its own building in November 1998. This huge building hides inside a total of 18000 work of arts including paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphic arts, multimedia and design from the period of impressionism until nowadays. The building is designed by the Parisian architect Adrien Fainsilber and it's located at the edge of the old quarter of the city, called "Le Petit France" . It's minimalist interior is another good reason to visit this museum. It's design is light, airy which is very relaxing for the eye. There you can fin find permanent collections of the greatest artists such as : Picasso, Pissaro, Rodin, Braque, Kandinsky, Jean Arp from Strasbourg etc.

Vasily Kandinsky. One of my all time favourite!
Kandisky music room

One of the artists was also our prime minister, Edi Rama.

These and so much more to see there! I suggest it to be visited by all the art lovers out there!

Remember : "Art is you being free from all of the world's heaviness!" 

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