Saturday, December 20, 2014

Home for Christmas...

So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just began

And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young... 
                                                                                                                                                                                         - John Lennon-So this is Christmas 

So yeah, this is Christmas and it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. You have no idea how excited I get when it's Christmas time! One of the main reasons is decorating the house full of lights, candles and everything! So in this post I'd like to share with you the Christmas- interior design of my home. I really hope you get that fulfilled Christmas spirit by watching the pictures. Enjoy!

Our magic Christmas tree!

What makes Christmas wonderful are also the desserts my mom cooks. Everyone knows that "For Christmas I got fat!" phrase...well, I really get a little fat every year. Trust me, I try so hard but...but...they're so irresistible! I mean, look at them!
These are called "Melomakarono"  . It's a Greek dessert usually prepared during Christmas holiday season along with the "Kurabies" .

They look delicious huh? They're a piece of heaven on Earth. I guarantee. Anyway, my mom says she's not even over yet! ^^

The whole living room.

Here's Shila wearing her lovely dress but too lazy for a photoshoot. Sleep well darling! 

Sitting room.

Dining room. 

Lights from my room.

Jesus birth place under our tree.

A very happy Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope is a good one 
Without any fear

This is the design of my home almost every Christmas. I can't feel the same atmosphere outside there around the city unfortunately. Such a big negligence of city hall. 
Anyway I'm so glad I can enjoy this magic atmosphere these days of holiday in my home sweetest home!

Merry Christmas everyone! :)


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  1. WoW! What a magic place! Nice photos! Love them all!!!