Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Psychedelic Lovers"

"Psychedelic Lovers" was not just a random event when you're invited by your friends on facebook just by chance. This was a music festival organised by someone who has tried anything on his own to bring the Psychedelic music and Psy culture in Albania. It's inspiring how much he loves this all he would do anything to make people realize what he wants to express by playing his music and feel the same way as he does. For him Psy trance is much more than just music. This event made me understand this even more!
Psy trance is a subgenre of trance music which was born long before synthesizers defined modern music. This music belonged to the free spirits, the hippies who moved in Goa, India for a better lifestyle where there were beaches, friendly people, low cost living, Indian religion and spiritual practices. Their freer living made them experience a lot and bring another point of view to the rest of the world where the main basics were : Love, Peace and Respect. 
This music has the power to make you dance as it is an active meditation when you go beyond your thoughts and imagination, beyond the person you think you are. You let your body free under the rhythm of music with layered melodies and high tempo riffs. This experiences open your mind to new challenges by giving you the right answers about your origins and where you actually belong. You start to value more the nature surrounding you cause it makes you feel wild, free and primitive so you realize the genesis of everything around. It's whole mission stands in finding your inner peace and making believe that you have the power to make anything happen. What made human race come until here after all when they were all alone in space and time? 

This guy toughed me well all of these even though I was aware of spiritual exercises and books. He's passion about this all made me get so involved I wanted to participate by giving a hand in designing the posters, tickets and handmade crafts used for decorations in such rave just like hippies used to do in their time. Phosphorescent colors are the main theme of decorations and special symbols related to Goa culture.

The party started from 5 Pm untill 11 in the morning when people where tired as hell by dancing and jumping and exchanging energies with all the power they could have. Everything went perfectly well it made me feel so proud about him. This was his 7th Psy festival in the history of Psy in Tirana and the first time for me. Believe it or not, it was the best night of my life! 

PS : I think that everyone should have a Psychedelic experience for once in their lifetime for many reasons I can't find the right words to describe. But I can tell that everyone needs some hours of forgetting their everyday problems and share moments with good people who don't judge and feel the same way just like you do. Learn new things and grow! Love is our weapon, music is our religion and peace is in our souls. 

Thank you all for being part of all this! There are more to come very soon!
We're the children of revolution moving on to the next step. 

Love and Peace,

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