Thursday, December 15, 2016

Days before you came...

Days before the cold came, leaves were still falling down from the trees and the sun was shining in pink. And that was quite nice. Days before you came the sun was shining every day but it wasn't warm enough. Days before you came the skies were just always. No other colors, no other clouds, not even rainbows. I mean, how can you stand the same blue sky everyday. Nothing different to see up there where looking for an answer or just wondering about something, somewhere, somehow. Days before you came wasn't this cold but it felt colder.
 Then the Autumn left by giving me the best gift it could give. It gave me the best thing who would help me be more peaceful, more patient and less stubborn. Like I could finally stop for a second, thinking everything is going under the plan. It's all in my had. Yeah, I'm happy, I'm full, I'm free and I'm more myself that I could ever be. Thank you Autumn for coming so fast and leaving so peacefully. Now I know how to deal with these sweet cold December days. I mean...Days before you came were much more colder...

Wearing : ASOS sweater
Squared pants from Stradivarius
Max & Co warm coat I totally adore
Pink Woman shoes

December is gonna be just great! 

Much love,

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