Saturday, December 24, 2016

Escaping for Christmas...

Hello everyone! I'm writing from frome the other side! At least you could see that I'm trying to tell you I'm not sorry for leaving Tirana! lol
Yeah, I'm staying at my lifetime friend who lives in Strasbourg, France. Guess what? Strasbourg is not just a random city here but is known also as the Capital of Christmas in France! You know how much I adore this time...Here are some random pictures from my first day here and it was awesome. I have always adored the cities of west Europe from the architecture style, it's weather, lifestyle
 and everything. I would love to move here now that I'm thinking but let's not talk about it...
A little escaping from time to time is always a good idea especially when you choose a happy places at the right time! 

Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Holy Inspiration

Gothic architecture...I mean...

Merry Christmas you all!

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