Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Double Trouble"

Hello guys! Here's another post dedicated to my latest photoshoot for the best online shop in town : Aeterno Shop ! This time wearing what fits me most, unisex, black T-shirts! I mean...I've been wearing these kind of tees since I was a kid and didn't really mind if it was my dad's one. The number of black T-shirts in my closet is really big and I never get tired of buying them for the main reason that are very comfortable but they also make you look thinner, can be easily combined, anyone can wear them no matter the gender and the last but not the least, black tees are never out of fashion! I always feel myself inside them! Similar as mine was also the other tee worn by this cool guy!
We say out loud : "Don't be like the rest of them darling!" 

Wearing :
* Aeterno tee
* Polo checkered shirt
* LC Waikiki rompers
* Buffalo shoes

Do yourself a favor and buy Aeterno T-shirts online!

Photo Model : Jonathan Pilika

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