Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Dark Shadows and Red Highlights"

Bodies are merely a shell that conceal our heavenly souls...Think about it! Does the beauty of our being live only inside our shell? People keep saying that quite a lot but lately I've been thinking about it as a justification from people who don't feel very good with their appearance. I mean, what's the problem? I embrace the saying "Beauty is relative!" because who dares to decide the opposite? Who has this power? What's ugly for me, is not to you and I think THIS is beautiful!
If you have a good soul, your body will show in all it's different ways. Your eyes grow big when you find yourself daydreaming. Your lips seem to be so soft when your heart is wrapped by love. Your smile brings out all the joy screaming there inside and your tears are a sign of a pure and sensitive being who just tried to deal with reality. And oh, your pale face and soft skin...
The way you do your hair also says a lot about you. What's your favorite color? Why that color? Is not very difficult to notice right? What about the dark lipstick? Is it part of your philosophy? How about the way you get dressed? 

Yes my dear, your appearance it is very important and you should fall in love with your shell every day not just because it hides the sparkling pearl inside but remember, it has the power of  giving the first impact to any other being. Take care of it, decorate it, adore it until your mind and heart feel more than home. Let them think you are a work of art...After all art is all about evoking feelings. Does my portrait evoke feelings according to your eye? 

"Portraits" by : © edvin celo Photopraphy

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