Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Corpse Bride

Ladies and Gentleman, I represent you the well known character: Emily, the corpse bride! 
It's clear how much I love the Tim Burton's movies! Every October I choose to watch his movies almost every nights before Halloween knocks on my door. There's something magic mixed with something crazy about those pictures which create together one something wonderful! Once, I chose the look of Sally but this year I had another one in my mind. I know  there are many girls who love to look like Emily but she was in my list for ages. Finally, the day I couldn't wait to come was there and I had all the right essentials to become a beautiful blue corpse.

Here are all the magic sticks who would transform me completely. 

The first thing I had to do was straightening my hair (which takes a little bit time) but not all of it. Emily has wavy hair so in a kind of way it made the process much easier though. 
After getting my wavy hair, I had to color them blue mixed up with a little purple so it can look more real. 

The face is the part when everyone should be more careful. It takes a little time and patience. Firstly, I colored my face, my neck and my arms in lighter blue. Then I used the black and white color system for my eyes. Colored  my eyebrows in black so they can look more thick. It looks like there's no big deal but trust me, I had to strain myself time after time because the colors could mix with each other and that drives me totally mad!

I made it, anyway. Beside the make up, I was wearing a long cream-colored dress, It was the only dress that could match for I couldn't find any wedding dress or something...

"I spent so long in the darkness. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is..."

"Yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed..."

"You haven't lost your smile at all. It is there under your nose. You just forgot it was there..."

I was so happy when I foun d this veil after days of searching for a white veil. I know it is black but at least it was a damn veil!

Here are the lovely black gloves, the tiny bride's bouquet of flowers and of course the fake wedding ring. 

So this was my Halloween look for this year. I think I scored this character too. Tim Burton should be proud of me! haha :p 

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