Friday, November 7, 2014

Sunny fall.

Hey there everyone! What do you think of this mild autumn? Amazing isn't it? It feels like it's a second spring and I can surely admit that my days are always getting exciting just because of this reason.This is my favorite season and I love it the most when it's sunny and the air cold enough to get into long sleeve shirts and everything. These are some random pictures of these days when I usually wake up in a good mood hoping my day won't change in minute. I still don't know how to describe this outfit but I love the combination of the dark shirts and midi skirts.  
I think I have achieved to manage the combination of that feminine theme seen by the jeans skirt along with gothic elements such as the black shirt, crosses , the thick waist belt, leather bag and of course my irreplaceable Buffalo creepers. 

Hope you guys liked my post!

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