Sunday, October 12, 2014

Queen of the Highway!

These photos belong to the far 2013s !
It seemed like me and my best friend were having that "rock'n'roll" kind of sensation during our sleepover night. We spent those hours dressing up, helping each other to do the make up, taking pictures and everything! 

Part of my outfit were my DIY shorts. They used to be long jeans in cowboy style and dark color. I never ever ever wore them actually. They always seemed so out of fashion to me so they've been standing in my closet for a long time until a strange idea came to my mind!

Here are the steps:
* First, I decided to cut them off just because I liked the tall waist they had.
* Then I used the "Ace" detergent to bleach them...left them dry in the balcony and washed them again.
*After being completely dried, I used the scissor to rip them the way you see in the pic.
* I had an old white vest which seemed very useful to be turned into white pockets for my shorts.

Voila! My mom was a little shocked when saw them for the 1st time but anyway she got used to...

*American flag shirt 
*Swatch necklace
*Pin-Up scarf hairstyle

Have also used them once as part of my outfit for a high school party. Can't stop mentioning the importance of that event because as you can see, I had even straighten my hair! It happens so rare though...

My dear Jim!
Thank you for being a muse! Rest in Peace!

"American boy, American girl, most beautiful people in the world! Son of a frontier Indian Swirl dancing through the midnight whirl-pool, formless...Hope it can continue a little while longer!"

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