Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ilyricum Sacrum

Can you read the happiness written on my face? This weekend I've had the most exciting journey discovering natural wonders of my country. I decided to go hiking with a group of climbers whom I've visited the historical "Via Egnatia" which is not very far from my hometown. But this time we had to drive more kilometers to get into some other cultural stations.  I was a little upset about the weather because it wasn't sunny at all and it started raining a little bit occasionally. But it couldn't make us give up! Like they said, the climbers never give it up! 

The first station was the Monastery of Ardenica which is an Eastern Orthodox monastery , distant ten kilometers north of Fier. It was built by the Byzantine Emperor in 1282. This place is also famous as the place where in 1451 was celebrated the marriage of Skenderbeg , our national hero. 

                           Inside the Saint Mary church of the monastery. 
A photo of the whole group of climbers from AST Elbasani

The second station was the museum of Apollonia which is an archaeological museum close to Ardenica monastery. It is housed in a 14th-century building and it contains an impressive collection of statues and important frescoes from the medieval times.

Inside the museum.

Tried to put my had over there but it was a total failure. 

That was the room of the well known writer Jakov Xoxa known for his famous roman "The dead river" which is said this river used to flow there near that place.

Then there was the ancient, incredible city of Apollonia. It was an ancient Greek city located in Illyria. Its ruins are situated in the Fier region. It was found in 588s BC. 

This is the monument of Agonthetes or differently called "Arch of Triumph" .

The amazing view from the other side.

The olive trees couldn't be missed. 

After that we had to walk around four hours to arrive in the area of the nearly antiquity in Cakran.

While getting there we found some Bio products to get more energies. The delicious fruits of the Fall. Starting from the innumerable pomegranates to the blackberries, dates , quinces and even watermelons!  
After about 500 meters high, we finally arrived to the place where we found the graves of Illyrians.

Then we walked through a burnt forest which looked very dark and interesting. 

You have no idea how many mushrooms I've seen there. Some of them were huge! 

From the highest peak of the mountain I could see the island of Sazan and Karaburun through the clouds.

I forgot to mention that I actually am an acrophobic which means that I have an extreme fear of heights. 
Jim Morrison once said : "Expose yourself to your deepest fear,after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free!" 
That's why I always try to deal with my fears! Thank you for your advice you legend! I did it! :) 

On the way we found this hollow which used to be a reservoir for Illyrians. 

We also found this this place through the forest where our national flag was embedded. 

This dog left the house just to follow us throughout all the journey! I can tell that she was very social and smart. 

In the end the members of the group put some little flowers on my curls for I was new to the club. 
It was all a tiring journey but I enjoyed it a lot! I should do it more often. Everyone should. We still don't know how many treasures our birthplace hides. Why not to discover? 

                           Hope you liked my "promenade" !

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