Friday, May 8, 2015

From South to North

As you can understand it by the title, my two latest posts have been full of pictures from south Albania and not within three days I've been in northern Albania, visiting with the city of Shkodra with my class. We had to visit the "Marubi" Photography Exhibition center which is located there. This National Photo Gallery was created in 1970 after Gege Marubi donated to the state his personal archive of the three generations. This collection of 500.000 negatives starts with an inverted refugee story. Pietro Marubbi (1834-1905) from Piacenza in northern Italy, fled his homeland for political reasons, settled in Shkodra in 1856 as an artist and taking the name Pjeter Marubi ( as an Albanian name) . Two years later he took the first-ever photograph in Albania, set up the first photo studio of the country, and made a living making portrait photos of the local upper class families and the odd revolutionary. With such an large amount of negatives covering every major event in the region between 1858 and 1959, this is one of Europe's most valuable photo collections.

This is the register which contains the titles of all the pictures that were taken with the date and number of series. 

Some of the most well known photographs.
Still nowadays the negatives are in process of being turned into virtual photographs. Only 100.000 of them are now virtual. Soon all the rest of the pictures will be and they will blow down the internet! haha 

After enjoying all the things we learned we didn't know before, we visited the Art Gallery of Shkodra. Here are some of the paintings I liked to capture.

Then we just enjoyed the beautiful city of these joyful Spring days.

Wearing :
* "System of a Down" T-shirt
* Blue Indigo jeans shirt
* Pull & Bear long green skirt
* Converse All Star
* Doca bag

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and learned more about the highest level of cultural treasures we have here! 

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

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