Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"The Sacrament of love"

Hello citadel, we met again! It's obvious my hometown doesn't offer many interesting places to take pictures. Truth be told, I've been getting a little bored these days just because I haven't had any productive thing to do. I just wake up late and have that creepy desire to do something new! Then I end up hanging out with my girls and taking pictures inside the walls of the citadel again and again.
Inside the citadel there's an old Orthodox church called "Saint Mary" in which I am baptized when I was two years old. It is very ancient and dark and beautiful. So, why not to try to take pictures inside of it?

"I hear you weep so far from me, I taste your tears like your next to me...And I know, my weak prayers are not enough to heal. Oh, the ancient wounds so deep and so dear...the revelation is of hatred and fear!"

The whole look.

This is my extraordinary friend. I have to say that this picture drives me mad!

The three of us around the citadel.

Won't leave mother Nature alone...

"You know our sacred dream won't fail, the sanctuary tender and so frail. The sacrament of love, the sacrament of warmth is true...the sacrament is you!"