Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All of the colors I see my love, everytime I see you...

Every Summer I like to take vacations in places where the weather is cooler than anywhere else...that's all because I really hate the hot weather! There's a little town in Albania called Pogradec where the weather is so peaceful for my state of mind. I go there every summer so I can really relax myself by doing whatever I want especially photographing! There is also an old alley which is my favorite street. Since my parents bought me a professional camera I always try to find attractive places to take photos. Here are the photos I took one day in that alley in front of a colorful old door.No longer than yesterday I realized that it was the house of a good painter who still lives in that town.
 I was wearing jeans overalls for the first time this summer thanks to the fresh weather.

Here are some details of what I was wearing : 

                                                                                            * Bershka overalls jeans
                                                                                            * Mango checkered shirt
                                                                                            * Pylones bague (ring)

                              *Tommy Hilfiger shoes
                           I'd like to mention that Tommy Hilfiger is also one of my favorite brands! 

*Pin- Up scarf Hairstyle 

                                        Thanks for reading,