Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cheers darlin'

 You know it's time for a little party when you pick up a dress from your closet. Maybe, each one of you may think that I'm sort of a "tomboy" when dressing up and I can assure you that I actually am...well, most of the time! But it's not that difficult either to get a little "girly" so just don't get confused! I like wearing dresses on special events or parties, mostly. I always try to choose beautiful patterns or colors which fit a lot with my taste. This dress is one of the cutest ones I have. I fancy every kind of outfit which contains striped patterns. I paired the dress with some darker elements to make it less sweet. 

Just had my fail "Marilyn Monroe moment" 

My pretty details: 

This necklace reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland" so, why don't we have a "Tea party" ? 

Darker elements? Let it be! 

"What am I darlin' ? 
A whisper in your ear?
A piece of your cake? "