Monday, September 1, 2014

Circle of fear

Hello, strangers or known people or friends or family, whoever you are!Welcome to my blog! As you can see, I finally decided to create a web page about myself. Well, truth is that many friends of mine have recommended me to open a blog for ages but to be honest I've always been lazy to deal with it. But now that I'm on holidays and have nothing better to do I said to myself "why not?!" So here I am...
* Firstly let me introduce : My real name is Kristiana Bella. I'm 19 from Elbasan, Albania and I can't wait to move to Tirana where I'm going to continue my studies as an Art & Design student. I love all the forms of art! I love painting especially animes and I kind of consider myself a passionate photographer! I also have a passion for fashion but I don't really follow the latest trends...I think I have my own unique style that you are going to explore very soon.
* What about the "Circle of Kurisu" ...well that's a long story. Since I was little I was a big fan of animes and japanese culture so I found what was my name in that language. There it was...Kurisu! Cute isn't it? Since that time I kept it as my second name or nickname...actually many friends call me like that and I get a little spoiled. lol
As for the "circle" is kind of a personal story. I'm inspired by the title of "HIM" song "Circle of fear"


But now it's my circle and inside of this circle I'm going to show you little wonders of my mind, my soul, my heart and my entire world.
* I won't promise you I will be active on posting but I'll try not to leave it behind!

                                                                                                                     Hope you like my circle! :)