Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Holly Jolly Holiday

When it comes to Christmas holidays, what I enjoy the most is the part of decorating the house. Is that time of the year when I feel more like home than ever! It's like a winter wonderland in every corner. So, just like last year, I'd like to show you some christmassy pictures of my house these days where I pass most of my time relaxing and spending time with my lovely family. 

This is probably my favorite room of the whole house for the main reason that is made of wood from the inside. It has a cute window and the curtains though. 

This is my view almost every late morning where I have my hot cup of coffee and Christmas sweets and candies made from my mom and granny. 

Is that time of the year when Shila wears her favorite dress. 
(No, really, she likes it a lot!) 

Here's a sweet sweet view from my bedroom. 

Warm blankets, colorful lights, coffee, her and TV. I don't even want to go outside! 

This handsome man stays hanged out of our door welcoming all the people who visit us.

Me and Shila wish you all a Holly Jolly Holiday and a Happy New Year! 

Lots of love,

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