Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday!

 Yeap! A lifestyle, not a holiday! 
Here's the little story you're about to be told. Since I was a child, I always used to find myself watching horror movies, scary cartoons or even thrillers. I've always been so excited to watch them even though I couldn't sleep at night. I can tell that sometimes I used to choose the antagonist of the story which stands for the "bad guy" as the most interesting  character. Then, one day I heard about Halloween and all it's traditions and my life changed forever!
We Albanians, have never celebrated Halloween and I couldn't stand the fact that abroad people have a certain holiday about it! Such a lunacy! Anyway, I couldn't let myself flow under the same stream as everyone did! 
Since I was eleven years old, I decided to celebrate Halloween our own way with my friend. I dressed up like a vampire and colored my face with watercolors (that took me a day to clean it completely) while my friend  had that witchy look. We took some pictures and also engraved an orange pumpkin.I thought it was one of the best-fun-days of my life.After that day, we did this thing year after year until it got well known for my hometown too. I remember dressing up like a pirate, a gypsy girl, the girl behind the mask, etc. 
These last years Halloween has become more like a "chance" for teenagers to go party. Most of them don't even wear a costume like they don't know what's it all about. But hey, I can tell this is sort of a revolution for our mentality! 

The last two years I have had the most incredible Halloween costume. The first one was inspired by "Sally" from "The nightmare before Christmas" movie. One of my favorite movies which I never get tired of watching. This was my final look: 

I had to straighten my hair and dye them red. Bleached my face and made that pale make up. I also used some fake eyebrows to make my eyes look bigger and drew some scars.
It was impossible to find her typical outfit but I made up something with my clothes which had almost the same colors as her torn dress. 

Say Hi to my Halloween-mate of  childhood, this time dressed like Mrs.Frankenstein. 

The last year's goal was Cruella de Vil from "101 Dalmatians"

Do you think I scored? 

This time I only had to dye my hear in two colors, black and white. Tried to darken my eyebrows so I could get that evil look and the rest was a dark make up. Finally found a costume in black and white pattern from my mom's closet, red shoes,leather gloves and the furry pelisse for what she's popular. 

This is my man, A.Hitler. Such a perfect couple, huh? 

I apologize for the bad quality of my pictures for they were taken by a cell phone, didn't own a camera then. But I guess you got a clear idea, didn't you?
 To sum up, I'd like to mention this quote I found randomly : "Everyone's like, summer's going too fast and I'm over here like, when's Halloween?" 

Stay tuned if you're curious to know what I'm going to look like this year! 
                                                                                                                               Happy Halloween!

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