Thursday, February 11, 2016


This other project was about turning architecture into fashion design. Each one of students had to find inspiration in some buildings especially their facade, details but without loosing the silhouette. So, yeah, basically this project was similar to the "Stained Dress" I worked on at the last workshop "Tirana Dress Me Up!" 
I have to mention that the only and main difference was the process. The process was all that really mattered in this project. You'll see! 

This is the building I got inspired of. I pass down this road almost everyday and let's just say that it has always gave me a feeling. You know, I like everything that's old and holds history inside. I've always wondered how awesome it might be to live in a flat down this road and wake up everyday in front of a window like these beautiful ones. God knows the changes I would do inside of it but that's another story. haha

I focused on this part of the building. 

So here it starts. 

1. Drawing the silhouette.

2. The silhouette plus it's details. 

3. Make another drawing of the first one's positive. 

4. Plus it's negative. 

5. Cutting both drawings equally.

6. And make another composition as you like.

7. Drawing the new image above a tracing paper

8. Cutting shapes with a scalpel and then drawing the forms in another bigger paper.
9. Then choosing different backgrounds behind the shape. 

Now, ladies and gentlemen I present you this extraordinary fashion design collection : 

It might look weird for these designs can't be real clothes but still that wasn't the main purpose of the project. Like I titled it "Archishion" it has keep the image and philosophy of the architecture. There are also many designers who do the same by creating works of arts which don't need to be clothes necessary.
 Hope you got my point and find it interesting! You can try this technique for many other artworks!



  1. I miss those times when u used to post every week! love them!

    1. ohh..Thank you very much! :') I miss those times too but I've been kind of busy and also not in my best mood. But I promise I'll be back soon! :D